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Nationally, The Country Register has been promoting specialty shops of all kinds and fun events for more than 30 years. Here in Wisconsin, our very own Country Register has been in print since 1994, and has a proven track record of helping bring together great shops with enthusiastic shoppers! That's why we've been around so long!


Why Advertise With Us?

Tens of thousands of people read The Country Register Of Wisconsin; they pick it up at their favorite shops, at Wisconsin Travel Centers, or they download it right from this website. If you are a reader of The Country Register Of Wisconsin, thank you!

Hundreds of small business people advertise with The Country Register Of Wisconsin works! Because it's extremely affordable! And because every ad works for you for a full two months. Quite honestly, you aren't going to find a better value for promoting your specialty shop. 

We print up to 12,000 copies of each edition of The Country Register depending upon the season, and people CHOOSE to pick it up because they WANT to know more about great places to shop, they CRAVE new products for their favorite hobbies, they NEED some new gift ideas, or they are LOOKING for a fun experience or getaway someplace close to home.

The copies of The Country Register each advertiser receives are also traffic-builders. Once you start having The Country Register available at your shop, customers will start asking you for it and they'll want to know when the "new" edition is coming. They'll come to your shop when it's time to pick up the new Country Register.

THAT is why the advertising works for both the advertiser and the reader: they're already looking for each other, and we bring them together!

Every issue is arranged geographically, and city-by-city when possible. That makes it easy for people to plan day trips, weekend trips, and trips from one side of the state to the other.

Pick It Up!

There’s nothing like a newspaper. It’s real. It’s authentic. You put your hands on it. You can actually SHARE it with others - not just “share it” on a screen. Forget about social media. Don’t bounce from website to website. Pick up a newspaper and enjoy it.

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