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Our Advertising Works & You Can Afford It

Our advertising rates are extremely affordable. We understand that you have a budget to stay within and we also know that great advertising does not have to be expensive.

The Country Register is mainly distributed back through each advertising place of business with a circulation of approximately 10,000-12,000 copies per issue and up to 25,000 readers per issue. It can also be found at most Wisconsin State Information Centers as well as various shows and special events around the state.

Extremely affordable rates. An ad size and price for every budget!

We do the design for no charge. When you advertise with us, ad design is included in the price!

Every ad is active for 2 full months. Six issues cover you for the entire year!

Ad prices are per issue. Full color is available for an additional $30.00. We offer attractive discounts for regular advertisers. Save 10% on all of your ads when you reserve space for the next six issues. Our rates are extremely affordable and cover a two month period of time with each issue.

Print Deadlines

January-February Issue : Deadline December 1

March-April Issue : Deadline February 1

May-June Issue : Deadline April 1

July-August Issue : Deadline June 1

September-October Issue : Deadline August 1

November-December Issue : Deadline October 1

Ad Requirements

If your ad is being sent to us digitally, we request your photos be a minimum of 200 pixels per inch and line-art should be a minimum of 600 pixels per inch (at full production size).

We can accept your files digitally in a variety of formats including Adobe PDF files, EPS files, or high resolution JPEG files. Files can be e-mailed. Adobe PDF format with all fonts outlined or embedded is the preferred format to ensure the smallest file size while retaining full production quality (use Adobe Distiller's "Press" Job Option unless you have another high resolution custom setting). If you intend to send an EPS file, all fonts must be converted to outlines.

Space for color can become limited, especially at holiday time, so please call for availability.

Billing & Payments

Advertising that is published in The Country Register can be paid in one of two ways. The first option is to send in your payment with your camera-ready or rough draft ad on or before the deadline for that issue, and the second option is to pay with credit or debit card.

Any charge not paid after 30 days from billing will be considered past-due. If a past due payment remains on your account for more than 90 days, advertising will not be available to you in future publications until payment is made. After that time period, accounts may be sent to collections. Late fees will also be applied.

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